Sunday, November 15, 2009

We are back!

So I havent really gone anywhere but Jenson lost my memory card to my camera like 2 months ago and I just barely got a new one!

So I dont have very many pics as of now but one of my very best friends got married yesterday so I have a few pics from the day. I dont have any of Joey...sorry, its not like it was your day or anything :)! I have been friends with Nikki for 5 years and she has been dating Joey for 4 of the 5 years on and off. I have always just loved Joey and rooted for them to get married but Nikki just wanted to take her sweet time! She even went on a mission in the 4 years. Anyways I am so happy for them! They are perfect for eachother and we just love both of them so much!

Me and the gorgeous bride!


My little studly boy! He wasnt feeling very well so it wasnt very easy to get him to smile...or even look at me on that note!

I didnt feel it was right to not have a picture of Joey since this was his day I stole this from his facebook...your welcome!

I will try and post more often now! Especially with the holidays coming up and such!