Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Sister in law!

Mike(Brians brother) and Karly are officially engaged and we are so excited about it! We absolutely love her! She is perfect for him! Well they are perfect for eachother! Mike just adores her...I think that it is so cute! Karly is so sweet and loves everything about him and would do anything for him! I dont think that he could have found someone more perfect for him...vise versa! They are so cute and we cant wait to have Karly be apart of our family! We love you guys! Congrats!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving and such...

Sorry these pictures are so late. There isnt much going on with us lately too exciting. Jenson is six months old now and has 2 bottom cute! We had a really great Thanksgiving...we spent it with my dads side of the family at my aunts house. It was really fun to see her...I used to live with her before I got married and then Brian and I lived in her basement apartment for the first six months of our marriage and she moved to Idaho after we bought our condo so I miss her and was really happy to see her! Anyways, here are some updated pictures of the last month...


This is the whole Hinckley family minus my dad, My uncle Steven and my cousin Tanner.

My grandma, my mom, and Jens

My sister Crystal and her hubs Doug.


This was our turkey...It was 33 pounds! My grandpa is a farmer and has a friend who raises some of the biggest turkeys in utah and gave one to my grandpa. It was the best turkey I think I have ever had...and to be honest I am not a huge turkey fan.

We..well I decorate for Christmas the day after later!

Our little Ute fan! This is the day of the BYU Utah game. Go Utes!

Here they are...two front teeth!