Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted much lately we have had a pretty crazy life the last few weeks. Brian just started school again full time...man I cant wait until he is done with school...in 4 years...oh man that is so long but it will be well worth it! We just picked out our baby bedding fabric...Brians mom has been kind enough to make the baby's bedding because we just couldnt find anything that we loved so in a week or two when we get the nursery(well what will be the nursery) cleaned out then we will start painting. I am so excited for what our nursery is going to look like...if all goes to plan. I will do some before and after pictures of the nursery when we get everything started. I havent posted any pictures yet because I havent really had any to post but when I do I will start posting some. Good news...we had our ultrasound to make sure that the baby looks good and the doctor said that he looks great! It was really fun to see him again. It looks like his cheeks are pretty chubby...I have only gained 2 pounds in this pregnancy and I think that it is mostly in his cheeks...how cute...I am excited to see him! Only 129 days to go! hopefully it goes by fast!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

So today I just found out that my sister is going to have a boy!!! I am so excited that we are both having boys! I also just started to feel the baby move...it is so weird but so cool! I was just laying in bed on Tuesday and sure enough he started moving and I have been able to feel him every couple of hours since then...it is so fun! I am excited to start posting pictures of baby things like our nursey and such when we get everything going. I will start posting pictures soon! Happy New Year...I know this year will be a great!