Sunday, April 20, 2008

My teeny niece on a horse!!!

This is my cute niece Avery riding a horse for the first time at my grandpas farm. We tried to get her to ride the horse the week before this but she refused and kept saying that the horse was to big...well yeah he is huge compared to her! Anyways I thought that I would post these pics of her because she looks so cute on this huge horse!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My silly midwife!

I just thought that I would post a little update on me...I know no pictures yet but I promise soon. I only have a 7 and a half weeks left until little Jenson is so close yet so far away! So I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and I have gained 15 pounds the whole time I have been pregnant and my midwife asked me what I have been eating and I was like excuse me and then she said that I need to start watching what I eat and I need to cut out sweets and pointless calories I was like have you ever been pregnant before? I mean lets be honest! So I was so annoyed that she was saying this to me...I thought that I was doing pretty good for being 32 weeks pregnant...clearly not good enough. So when I left the doctors before I went to work I went to the gas station and bought a donut and a bag of potato chips...and yes it made me feel better! Then the next day I was having some pregnancy issues so I had to go back to the midwife for another checkup and when they weighed me I had lost two pounds...I showed her...haha. Well that is the latest on the pregnancy. I have had one shower so far that my friend Sarah threw for me and I have a family shower on Saturday so as soon as that is over I will post pictures from both showers and let you know how they both went. My friend shower was was so fun to see some friends that I hadnt seen in forever! Oh and I will post pictures of our nursery so far...we've painted and got our furniture so it is coming along!