Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freakin' Appendix!!!

Seriously no one even knows why we have it! Its just there to make our lives difficult! So I guess you know what this is about! I had my freaking appendix out a week ago! It seriously was such a joke! On Tuesday night around 10 I was sitting at the computer and all of the sudden I got really sick to my stomach...almost like a burning pain. I took some pepto and it almost seemed to have gotten worse. Well obviously it didnt go away after about 2 hours of constant pain I decided that I should probably go to the ER. Brian called his dad and he came over around 12:30 to stay with Jens. So anyways, they ruled out everything else it could be, had me have a CT scan and then found out it was appendicitis. So they scheduled an emergency surgery and I survived! Ha! So the last week has been a little crazy! I was super sad I had to miss the 24th festivities...if you know me you know that and the 4th are my favorite it was a bummer! But I am lucky to have such great family around to help me with Jens. Also great ward members to bring us dinner! I am pretty much better...still a little sore but the doc said that probably wont change for another week or more. I feel very lucky that it wasnt worse. Trust me I have heard horror stories about an appendix bursting and have always been afraid of that happening to me even before all of this. So there is the update! It was a sad one I know! Next time I will make a happy one!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Guy Ties Blog!

I started a blog for my ties! Check it out!

I am getting some great fall ties in next week so check my blog for some updates on that!

Thanks, Jodee

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July!

We had an awesome 4th this year. On July 3rd we went to fireworks at Eaglewood with Brians brother Mike and his wife Karly, and my sister Crystal and her family. It was really fun! Jenson wasnt lovin it so much but he layed on me the whole time so I was ok with it! Then we went to the Centerville parade with the same people minus Mike and Karly. Then that night we went to Dougs(my bro in law) parents house and had a picnic and played a little badminton...Alicia and Kyle were with us! Then we went to Brians aunt house and they had about a million fireworks to light off so we were there til about 1130...way past Jensons bedtime! He layed on me again the whole time and would only let me hold him...which was totally cute and never happens and I loved it! So the bad news is I only took pics of the parade so I stole some of my sisters from her blog. So here we go with the pics...

Brian and I

Crystal, Doug, Aves and Jack

Brian and Uncle Mike playing catch with Jenson...he loved it! I was scared!

Avery giving Jens kisses upside down...he thought it was hilarious!

My nephew Jack having a drink waiting for the fireworks to start.

Aves loves the camera! I love Aves!

Isnt he just the cutest?!

Jens and daddy having fun!

Jenson is pretty much scared of anything Brian had to cover his ears while the firetrucks went by.

Jack and Jens...yep thats right they were twinners and we(Crystal and I) loved it!