Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What we have been up to...

I have been SO busy with the tie making business I have had no time to sit down and let everyone know what we have been up to! So here are the updates...no pics today but I will have some soon!

Me- I have been sewing like crazy! My sister and I are trying to get this big boutique that we are putting on together ready...we have some GREAT vendors that are going to be there! I will post a list soon and details of when and where! I just started a little girl dress line to match my ties! Since I have been so busy with the ties my Mother in law is going to be sewing the dresses/skirts...which is great because she is seriously one of the greatest seamstress of all time...I kid you not! We are taking some professional pics of them tomorrow so hopefully I can post some pics of this week! Other than that I have just been being a mom and wife and loving it!

Brian- So Brian is one of the hardest working people I know and he proves over and over again! We are trying to get our condo ready to put up for sale this month and Every second Brian is home he is working on our condo to help get it ready! He just started school...full time...works...full time...and is a husband, father, and carpenter...full time! AND he never ever complains about it! I am so lucky that he is my husband...he is the best! He has about 2 more semesters til he gets his associates degree...I know, I know! But at least he is making progress right?! He turns 26 in a week! And that is pretty much it with him.

Jenson- Jenson is SO fun! He definitely keeps me on my toes all day! He is to the point where he tries to say what you tell him to...that has been so fun! He can be a handful sometimes though that is for sure! If he wants something and I wont let him have it...he tells me NO...or yells it :)! He is seriously the cutest little boy ever! I am totally biased I know!

So that is what is going on with us! Hope you all are well!


MaKinzy said...

Girls dresses too huh? I want to see them. Post more info about your boutique...I want to come.

Sarah & Drew said...

Sounds like things are going really well! Congratulations on the dresses and ties. That is so fun! Hope all is well and we'll get together next time we are in Utah!