Sunday, May 10, 2009

I WILL Have this Bike!!! is the dealio! As you all know Brian now works for a bike store. I have to have a bike and I really want this awesome beach cruiser!! Well everyone I tell about this amazing bike is like...WHY would you choose to get a beach cruiser and not a mountain bike...we live in Utah! Well here is the deal people...I will NEVER go mountain biking...I am too afraid!!! I am only going to cruise around town with the hubs so why not invest in a stylish cruiser, right?! Not to mention that it is totally cute, it also will be SO much more comfortable to ride then a mountain bike! SO...


I will let you all know when it has arrived...I will even post some pics of me and make you all want to have one as well!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

News...From Us!

SO I know I have been the worst at updating my blog sorry! The problem is that I forget to take my camera places so I have no pictures...I really need to be better about that!

So things have been really great around here! Brian is LOVING his new job working for my Brother in law at Masherz...they just moved to redwood road and about 500 south in Woods if you are in the area go check it out...its a really great place!

Brian finished up with school for the semester the beginning of April so he has had more free time then he has had in a few years...not a owning a business has been amazing!

We are headed to Colorado Springs in 2 weeks for some training for Brians new job...we will be there for 2 weeks! I am kind of sad to be leaving home and sleeping in a Hotel for that long but very grateful that my brother in law is letting me go with him! I dont know what I would do without Brian for that long!

Oh some good news...Me, my sister Crystal, and my mom are going to San Francisco the second weekend in June to see WICKED and just have a girls weekend! I am so excited I can barely stand it! Crystal tried to get us tickets for Wicked for Christmas and even stood in line at 4 in the morning and still didnt get them so we are SO excited to be able to go...I hear it is amazing!

Jenson is doing great! He will be 1 a month from today! I cant believe how fast time flys by! He is such a sweetheart and I cant imagine our family without him! Well that is all with us I will try to get some pictures on here soon!