Saturday, June 27, 2009


So I have been making some ties for Jenson and my nephew Jack. I know that they are pretty much impossible to find for babies unless it is a holliday and they are too cute on little guys! So I decided that I am going to start selling them! I can pretty much make any size. I am going to sell them for $10 BUT right now I am going to do a special for $8. So let me know if you are interested! Email me at You can either pick them up from my house or I can deliver them or even ship them if you live far away. Here is some sample pics of the fabric that I have and some pics of Jens and my nephew Jack wearing them!

#2 Black and White

#3 Green with Blue Polkadots


#5 Light Blue with Bright Pink Polkadots

#6 Orange with Cream and Purple polkadots


#8 Brown with Green and Blue Paisley



#11 Orange and Brown


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jenson's first birthday!!!

Jenson turned 1 on June 1st and boy did we party!!! We had it at my grandpas farm and it was seriously SO much fun! Here are the highlights...

My aunt was nice enough to saddle up the horse so that the kids could ride it. Jenson did not really like it to much...

Pinata time!!! We ended up hitting the pinata in the was such a fun setting!

This is the cake that Crystal and I rocked! The barn ended up falling off on the way to the farm which was so sad because that took Crystal forever to make...she made it out of little debbie cakes...can we say talent...

Wondering why everyone is singing...

Jens and I blowing out the candle!

Jenson was not a fan of the cake! He was so concerned about having it all over his hands. He ended up throwing the cake off the high chair and shaking his hands, wiping them on his shirt but he couldnt get it off so then he just was really funny!

Mike and Karly being silly.

Jack just chillin waiting for Jens to start opening his presents...your next little guy!

Trying to get Jens to open his presents...he just wanted to get down and play!

Cute shoes!

He seriously got so much stuff we dont have room for it in our condo!

Thanks everyone for coming!!!

Oh and it was our 3rd anniversary too! We will be celebrating it this weekend!