Monday, May 26, 2008

No More Work!!!

So I just went to the doctor today and I have good news and bad news...the bad news is that I have high blood pressure...and that leads to the good news...I don't have to work anymore! They would just prefer to induce me but I am not dilated at all so they are holding off until it is absolutely necessary. So for now I have to go into the doctor every other day until I am dilated or until my blood pressure is to high that they would not have a choice but to induce me. So until then I am going to just take it easy. Brian thinks that I am going to get bored but I am pretty sure I wont...It will be a nice little vacation before the baby comes. Well I will keep you updated...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nursery Pics...finally!

I am finally posting pictures of the nursery...only a week before the baby is due and it feels like I have finally got everything together and ready...well as far as I know...I am sure there are things I have forgot. Here are some pics of nursery...

Isn't this picture amazing??? I think that it really just completes the nursery! My mom bought it for my shower...I love it!

This is where I will be spending the majority of my nights when the baby is born for the first little while at least...

And finally the crib...

Well thats it! I know that it really isn't spectacular but we love it! Hopefully we will be posting pictures of out little boy soon! Cant wait!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary...well in a month!

June 1st, 2006

So yesterday Brian and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Its actually not until June 1st but that is the day after our babies due date so we decided to celebrate a little early just in case. We went to The Roof for was so good of course! Then we didnt really have any plans after that so we took our dog to the park and played and then we went to Lowes and bought a much needed ceiling fan for our room and then we went home and watched a movie. Sounds like a pretty lame anniversary celebration but we actually had so much fun! Happy Anniversary...its been the best two years of my life! Here are a few pics from the Roof...remember I dont have any pictures of me because I am huge and no one wants to see that!

Baby Showers

Here are some pictures from all of the baby showers that I had...

First my friend Sarah threw me a shower at my house since she lives in Orem. It was so much fun to see friends that I havent seen in a few years. Thanks again Sar...your the best!
Next my sister and my aunt Heather threw me a shower...I seriously scored big at this family is huge so there were lots of people there. Its was fun to get everyone together.
Last this sweet girl named Stephanie in my ward through me a was fun to get to know people ward that I didnt know very well.
Anyways...there you have it. Sorry there arent more pictures I especially didnt want any pictures of me because I am huge and would rather not remember it!